Monday, 8 October 2012

FYP II Week 7: New Motor Controller Circuit

new motor controller circuit

On week 4, i explain about LM293. LM293 is motor drive IC but it not compactible to my DAQ card because the current output from DAQ card is low. Because of that to make motor rotate 2 direction without  using IC is by using relay with a same concept. In this new motor drive circuit there have 3 supply. at left is supply to make motor rotate on clockwise and at the right one is for motor rotate on counter clockwise. supply at the middle is the main switch that to turn of the motor.

FYP II Week 6: Combination of Converter Circuit and Sensor Circuit

combined circuit (simulation)

combined circuit (constructed)

This simulation show the 2 circuit already combine, first circuit is 12V to 6V converter and another 1 is 3 sensor circuit.

3 condition of combined circuit

FYP II Week 6: Correction on Sensor Circuit

On week 2 and 3 I already come out with the sensor circuit by using LDR but on this week I found that, the circuit output is too low for my programming so I create a new circuit and it simpler from previous circuit. in this new circuit I using 3 sensor, 1 for set point and another 2 is for sun direction detector.

previous circuit

latest circuit

FYP II Week 5: Solar Charger Controller Circuit

A solar panel charges a storage battery. A control circuit monitors the battery's voltage. When the battery is fully charged, the circuit automatically turns on a power inverter and switches the appliance from running on grid power to running on the energy stored in the battery.

In the original circuit, a 555 timer IC was used to disconnect a battery from the solar panel when its voltage gets too high (to prevent it from over charging). In my design, the control circuit connects the battery to an inverter and an output circuit when the battery is fully charged.