Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Week 9: Previous Work

Previous Work of Solar Energy

  •  In 1747 in Paris Buffon tested to put together 168 mobile mirrors (20cm x 20xm). They were all mobile to better orientate the light.
  •  In 1868 Augustin Mouchot invented concentrated solar captors and developped several tracking systems and he published "La Chaleur Solaire et les applications industrielles" which deals with the solar power and its industrial applications. 
  •  "The time will come when Europe must stop her mills and factories for want of coal. Upper Egypt then, with her never-ceasing sun power, will invite the European manufacturer to move his machinery and erect his mills on the firm ground along the sides of the alluvial plain of the Nile, where sufficient power can be otbainted to enable him to run more spindles than a hundred Manchesters." -John Ericsson, Mechanic and Builder, July, 1887. 
  •  In 1900 in Portugal Padre Himalaya designed Pireliosforo. Thousands of mirrors over a surface of 80m² reaching 3.500° Celcius have been presented at the Exposition of Saint-Louis in 1904.

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