Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Week 1:blog introduction

as an introduction for this blog:
Mohamad Amin Bin Jamaluddin
bachelor in engineering of electrical
Sem1 FYP

This week, we needed to select a supervisor or advisor to supervise our FYP (final year project). I am almost a week around the campus to find a supervisor consist of BMI lecturer, and finally I found Madam Norlida at the electrical section. She is willing to be my supervisor to supervise progress of my FYP.

This week BMI also made ​​a briefing to students FYP and attendance is compulsory. On this briefing session, the RPS website has been introduced to the students and explained its use. All students who took FYP need to sign in to this website. There are new changes to this semester because of FYP students need to create a one blog special for FYP to replace the log book.

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