Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Week 2: Project and Title for FYP

This week task is to select projects and topics for the project has been selected.

Ideas for my project is:
1)Healthy checking machine
- this project is using IC(identification card) or MyCard as a medium to store the health data that has been check every month. using IC doctor can review the health level of patient for last months that patient check his health level, so doctor can conclude what patient need to do. this machine can check cholesterol level and diabetes level.

2) Power monitoring using LabView
- this project is for home used, it can monitor the power, voltage and current from supplier and its connect to DB(distribution board). this project is for user safety, this project will automatically switch off the mcb(Miniature Circuit Breaker) when it detect any of voltage and current leaking, and have a fault at a any point. this project also can switch on and off any plug, fan or any electrical device that connect to mcb.

But my ideas has a part that not qualified for bachelor student level. I already do a some research about it and the result is disappointing. I been lost about it, so i go see my supervisor/advisor Madam Norlida to talk about this. as the result madam give her project for me do. the title of the project is Labview based Solar Tracking System with servo motor.

Labview based Solar Tracking System with servo motor
-The ouput of a solar system improved by 30% to 60% when operated with a solar tracking system. This project is to built a solar tracker which is simple in mechanism and easy to operate. The tracker movement is control based on the algorithm using the National Instrument(NI) LabVIEW software. The mechanism for the tracker movement is by using a servo motor.

Maybe this is the project looks like. Credit to google

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